Sabre expands capacity at Seton Medical Center Hays

Aug 31, 2017

Sabre is building out the fifth floor at Seton Medical Center Hays to make room for more patients, and Superintendent Hal Anderson is running a tight job site. The Sabre Watch recently toured the Kyle construction site with Hal and Assistant Superintendent Colton Stabeno.

Hal said the project, which involves building out the fifth floor to accommodate a new nursing station, an infusion suite, 30 additional patient beds and space for 60 hospital staff, has already overcome a few challenges.

“We have limited access to the elevators in the building, since there are only two to the fifth floor that have to be available to patients and staff,” said Hal. “We made our early deliveries by crane, through an opening we created. Now we have the buckhoist to get our workers and materials up here.”

As we toured the 27,000-square-foot site, Hal took us through the safeguards and technical expertise needed to accommodate the highly complicated mechanical, electrical and telecommunications systems of the hospital. The site was meticulously clean and organized, from protocols to keep workers from tracking dirt, to protecting cables from paint drippings and debris.

Seton Hays completion is scheduled for late November, and the fifth floor should be ready to receive its first patients the first week of December 2018.

Buck-hoist for construction at Seton Hays Medical Facility