Acension RX SM-5

Ascension Connect Pharmacy


Ascension Seton


28,8000 SF


Studio 8

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Ascension Connect Pharmacy is a first-generation, interior finish-out of 28,800 square feet to create a robust mail-order pharmacy and distribution center, along with offices, conference rooms, break room, walk-in refrigeration with ultra-low temperatures, equipment, and other support space. Extensive mechanical, electrical, and plumbing improvements were made to ensure strict control of the interior environment, as well as backup service in case of power outages. Multiple levels of security for the space include bulletproof glass, bulletproof walls, interior and exterior cameras, and multi-access capable badge readers for the interior doors.

In addition to typical interior finishes, the project also includes exterior building improvements to the existing spandrel glass to provide better insulation of the space, a new exterior dock and ramps to serve truck arrivals and departures, and new mechanical equipment platform and screen on the roof.

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