Fierce Whiskers Distillery


Fierce Whiskers Distillery


7,800 SF Distillery, 5,541 SF Rickhouse


Overland Partners

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Construction Manager at Risk

Fierce Whiskers Distillery was the ground-up, new construction of a 7,812-SF distillery building, a 5,541-SF five-story rickhouse, and all associated site work.

The distillery can boast being “grain to glass” as the whiskey is produced from an all in-house process at the state-of-the-art sustainable production facility. In addition to the buildings, Sabre was responsible for the installation of owner-provided equipment including but not limited to a still, fermenters, grain silos, chilled water systems, and the copper pot still from renowned Vendome Copper and Brass Works out of Louisville.

Along the south wall of the distillery, Sabre installed multiple glass garage doors that lead to an outdoor patio. The scope also features a tasting room accented with custom wood finishes.