Photo of the St. David's SAMC Hybrid OR

Hybrid OR Renovation, St. David’s South Austin Medical Center


St. David's South Austin Medical Center


1250 SF


H+sp; now BSA LifeStructures

Delivery Method:

Negotiated Lump Sum

1,250 SF remodel to create a new Hybrid Operating Room in the St. David’s South Austin Medical Center. The project included extensive coordination between the Sabre project team and medical equipment supplier to accommodate the high tech medical equipment installation. As all work was completed within the occupied and operational St. David’s South Austin Medical Center, coordination between Sabre and the Medical team was required to work within allowable times. The end result was an appealing and functioning Hybrid OR theater with the most advanced technology available within the tight timeline. The overall project was completed with no safety incidents or delays to the owner expectations.

2015 – Austin AGC Outstanding Construction Award Winning Project