Image of the Seton MRI Control Room with the Magnet

MRI Suite Renovation, Seton Medical Center Austin


Seton Healthcare Family


4,700 SF


Ascension Healthcare


O'Connell Robertson

Delivery Method:

Negotiated Stipulated Sum

This renovation within the fully operational Seton Medical Center Austin included a 4,700 square foot renovation within the old café and atrium, a new shell space on the second level where there used to be open air, and a new mechanical penthouse on the roof above that to house a new air handler for the project. The area of the hospital that was remodeled included an open air atrium that was in-filled with structural steel framing and concrete slabs. Extensive interior demolition, crawlspace MEP rough-in, and shoring were required during the build-out.

Two new Siemens MRI machines were installed by rigging approximately 270 feet from the south entrance of hospital, with site coordination paramount to staff and visitor safety. The specialized nature of the MRI rooms required unique coordination between trades. We had to not only build the rooms within the greater space to meet standard MRI requirements, but we also had to leave out specific walls within our area to allow the magnets to make their path of travel from outside to the isolation rooms. As with typical MRI build-outs, walls and doors are typically left out to allow for this install, but we had the greater obstacle of making our way from the south lobby, down a long corridor, past a left turn and then a right turn into the suite. The entire length of travel was 270 feet, over a structural slab that had shoring placed along the entire path in the crawl space.

At the end of the day, the ultimate goal was not just to provide SMCA with a new suite to operate in, but the ability to better offer world-class healthcare to the community and beyond through the research that will take place there. Sabre was extremely proud to be part of such a dedicated and professional team that worked tirelessly through many coordination efforts to bring this design to life.

2014 – Austin AGC Outstanding Construction Award Winning Project