Image of the Power Home Remodeling Group Office Tenant Finish Out, custom reception area with specialty casework.

Power Home Remodeling Group, Tenant Finish Out


Power Home Remodeling Group (PHRG)


28,000 SF


Studio 8

Delivery Method:

Stipulated Sum

Construction Manager:

Zydeco Development

28,000 square foot tenant finish out for the Power Homes Remodeling Group (PHRG) at the Met Center, Office 12. The first generation finish out included both office space and their warehouse. With a heavy emphasis on having a flexible space, over half of the office floor plan is allocated to training rooms break areas and open office. The remainder of the office includes glass enclosed private offices and conference rooms.

The reception includes a custom 16 foot curved wood-slat wall enveloped in steel. Full height custom graphic walls were adhered throughout the space to further PHRG’s team branding and values.

This project was completed on time and within budget.

Image of the warehouse for the PHRG Tenant Finish Out constructed by Sabre Commercial.
Image of a specialty wall within the PHRG tenant finish out constructed by Sabre Commercial
Image of the game room within the PHRG Tenant Finish Out constructed by Sabre Commercial in South Austin
Image of the coffee bar at PHRG's office tenant finish out
Image of the PHRG Training Room constructed by Sabre Commercial