Image of the Westlake Dermatology Reception Area

Westlake Dermatology, Lamar Central


Westlake Dermatology




Michael Hsu Office of Architecture

This high-end tenant finish out is located in the Class A Lamar Central building on North Lamar and is the latest in the expansion of facilities for Westlake Dermatology. The space includes exam rooms, procedural rooms as well as retail space.

Designed by Michael Hsu House of Architecture, the space is outfitted with many specialty finishes. Of particular note is the chain curtain within the reception area. Hanging from ceiling to floor, forty feet of curtain was installed by hand, strand by strand.

2016 –¬†Austin AGC Outstanding Construction Award Winning Project

Image of the Westlake Dermatology Entrance to Patient Rooms.
Image of the Westlake Dermatology Retail Desk with High End Shelving
Image of the Westlake Dermatology Gold Chain Curtains
Image of Westlake Dermatology Retail Shelving
image of Westlake Dermatology Retail Reception Area