Sabre Commercial Receives Three Outstanding Construction Awards Through Austin AGC

Feb 19, 2016

Sabre Commercial was awarded three Outstanding Construction Awards through the Austin Chapter of the Associated General Contractors for 2015.

The University of Texas at Austin, New Learning Commons, located within the Perry Castaneda Library, received the Interior Finish Out Award for projects valued between $500,000 and $2 Million.

Image of University of Texas Perry Castaneda Library Front DeskThe newly created Learning Commons is located in the Perry-Castaneda Library (PCL) building at The University of Texas at Austin campus. The new Learning Commons will be open to all students and is located on the entry level of the Library. This project allowed the relocation of existing services and resources and launched new services that enable students to create new knowledge by finding, evaluating, synthesizing and presenting research. The design facilitates productive collaboration among staff working in these learning areas for the benefit of all students and faculty.

The 19,500 square foot renovation was designed to replace the existing library offices and replace them with the following new services: research, writing, digital media lab, oral communications, tutoring & academic support, and statistical consultations. In addition, the space contains technology, instruction, cross-training, and bookable spaces. Finally, the space contains several active learning classrooms and restrooms.

The finished space includes high-end finishes, with some areas having equipment and paint finishes up to the structural floor above, measuring 18 feet tall. Much of the MEP and finishes work was accomplished from scaffolds and motorized lift equipment. The high end lighting and complex IT and audiovisual components using current technology with both wired and wireless solutions for staff work equipment, classrooms, and lab computer and A/V equipment.

The St. David’s South Austin Medical Center, Hybrid Operating Room Renovation received the Healthcare 1 Award for projects valued under $10 Million.

This 1,250 SF remodel created a new Hybrid Operating Room in the St. David’s South Austin Medical Center. The project included extensive coordination between the Sabre project tePhoto of the St. David's SAMC Hybrid ORam and medical equipment supplier to accommodate the high tech medical equipment installation. As all work was completed within the occupied and operational St. David’s South Austin Medical Center, coordination between Sabre and the Medical team was required to work within allowable times. The end result was an appealing and functioning Hybrid OR theater with the most advanced technology available within the tight timeline. The overall project was completed with no safety incidents or delays to the owner expectations.

PODS Warehouse took home the Industrial/Warehouse 1 Award for projects valued up to $5 Million.

The 54,450 square foot, single story facility constructed in San Marcos, Texas was built as a distribution and storage warehouse for PODS containers. The Design-Build project was built with concrete tilt wall construction with light weight open web steel joists supporting an insulated single ply roof. The flooring was built to withstand the 30 ton rated forklift used to move the storage containers around within the building during operation.

In addition to the warehouse, the City of San Marcos required the owner to double the width of Leah Avenue from Clovis Barker Road to the driveway entrance, approximately one quarter mile. This widening included all new storm drain inlets to match those on the other side along with sidewalk and signage. This work was rolled into Sabre’s construction contract.

Image of the exterior of PODS Warehouse